GEO SERVICES ENGINEERING LLC can execute different types of geophysical investigations in the geo-electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. These investigations can determine the amount of useful substance and sterile in quarries and gravel pits, the degree of soil contamination with pollutants, the route of possible metallic or non-metallic pipelines, active electrical cable, various objects of archaeological interest etc.:

  • Apparent resistivity profiles;
  • Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES)
  • Apparent resistivity sections
  • Interpretation of Vertical Electrical Soundings
  • Magnetic and electromagnetic profiles
  • Maps of the local magnetic field variations

Should you be interested in any of the services detailed above, please contact us to send you our offer customized to the your specific requirements.

Even if you do not find the geophysical services you need among the ones described above, please contact us and provide more details on your needs. Thus, together with you, we trust we can find the best technical and financial solution for you.