Upon the request of legal entities or individuals, we can perform a series of geotechnical studies as follows:

  • Geotechnical approvals for the preliminary phases of the engineering design
  • Geotechnical studies for the project required for obtaining the construction permit (P.A.C.)
  • Detailed geotechnical studies for the execution phase
  • Geotechnical monitoring
  • Evaluation of the deposits in order to extend the working face in quarries

For the execution of the above geotechnical studies, GEO SERVICES ENGINEERING LLC performs geotechnical drilling, during which disturbed or undisturbed soil samples are taken, as well as water samples. In the same time, a preliminary drilling log is drafted, which includes information about the strata encountered and about the groundwater level. Depending on the complexity of the study, “in situ” tests are performed (SPT, CPT, CPTU, SCPT, PLT, DMT, SDMT, Down Hole Cross Hole etc.).

Should you be interested in any of the services detailed above, please contact us to send you our offer customized to the your specific requirements.

Even if you do not find the geotechnical services you need among the ones described above, please contact us and provide more details on your needs. Thus, together with you, we trust we can find the best technical and financial solution for you.