Our team participated in the execution of the following services:

On-site works:

  • Identification of the sites locations together with the beneficiary’s representative;
  • Execution of the geodetic network for referencing the surveyed data to the projection system STEREO 1970;
  • Stake-out of the boundary points and planting landmarks;
  • Topographic surveys with GNSS equipment– approx. 173 km;
  • Collection of fiscal certificates from the Mayor Offices passed by the respective county roads;

Office works:

  • Preliminary process of the on-site surveying data in parallel with on-site topographic surveys; thus we could rapidly correct/ clarify the information on the survey plan or collect additional required data;
  • Complete processing of on-site surveying data together with the information received from Botosani C.L.R.O. into the following deliveries:
    • Location and Boundary Plan (P.A.D.) at 1:1000 scale, including the the information received from Botosani C.L.R.O.
    • 52 cadastral documentations for first registration of the property right of the Botosani County Council, as well as its superficies rights on the bridges and culverts placed on the plots owned by the Romanian State and administered by N.A. Romanian Waters – Prut-Barlad Water Branch

Project Management:

  • Analysis of the property deeds made available by Botosani County Council and of the information received from Botosani C.L.R.O. for assessing the existing situation;
  • Provision of technical assistance and advisory services to the beneficiary for solving the legal issues related to the interpretation of the property deeds;
  • Building and maintaining a good working relationship both with the main beneficiary and the other public institutions involved (Botosani C.L.R.O., N.A. Romanian Waters – Prut-Barlad Water Branch, mayors throughout Botosani county);
  • Submission of the cadastral documentations for the temporary registration with integrated cadastre and land registration system (temporary tabulation), submission of additional information/ documents upon request, actively working on solving the overlapping situations;
  • Actively working with Botosani C.L.R.O. staff for supporting and speeding up the process of technical approval of the documentations for first registration in the Land Book;
  • Delivery to the main beneficiary of the Location and Boundary Plans approved by Botosani C.L.R.O., together with the Land Registrar Decisions and the Land Book excerpts for information.

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