Our team participated in the execution of the following services:

On-site works:

  • Identifications of streets and working sites by following the plans received from the direct beneficiary;
  • Execution of the geodetic network for referencing the surveyed data to the projection system STEREO 1970;
  • Stake-out of the boundary points and planting landmarks;
  • Topographic surveys with GNSS equipment – approx. 128 km (144 ha) in the following localities from Salaj county: Maeriste, Bobota, Hereclean, Banisor, Cizer and Horoatu Crasnei;
  • Video records of the streets we did the topographic surveying works;

Office works:

  • Preliminary process of the on-site surveying data in parallel with on-site topographic surveys; thus we could rapidly correct/ clarify the information on the survey plan or collect additional required data;
  • Complete processing of on-site surveying data into the complete documentations for the Salaj C.L.R.O. reception of the topographic plan;

Project Management:

  • Efficient organization and coordination of the on-site and office works so that the project to be completed within the short deadline requested by the beneficiary (1 month);
  • Building and maintaining a good working relationship both with the direct beneficiary;
  • Weekly reports to the direct beneficiary of the on-site and office work progress;

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