Our team executed the following services:

On-site works:

  • Identification of the site location, including all buildings for which we prepared floor-plans, together with the beneficiary’s representative;
  • Execution of the geodetic network for referencing the surveyed data to the projection system STEREO 1970;
  • Topographic surveys with GNSS equipment;
  • Inside building surveys for preparation of the floor plans for all the buildings in owned by the Institute (approx. 3400 m2).

Office works:

  • Request of the information on the property boundaries from the Bucharest Cadastre and Land Registration Office (C.L.R.O.) ;
  • Processing the data collected on site together with the information received from Bucharest C.L.R.O. into the following deliverables:
    • Location and Boundary Plan (P.A.D.) at 1:500 scale;
    • Building floor plans for an area of approx.. 3400 m2; we delivered 19 floor plans for 11 constructions;
    • Cadastral documentation for updating the technical information regarding registration of new construction.

Project Management:

  • Analysis of the property deeds made available by N.I. „Victor Babes” and of the information received from Bucharest C.L.R.O. for assessing the existing situation;
  • Provision of technical assistance and advisory services to the beneficiary for solving the legal issues related to the interpretation of the property deeds;
  • Submission of the updating cadastral documentation, additional information and documents requested by Bucharest C.L.R.O., requesting and attending audiences with Bucharest C.L.R.O. staff for clarification of specific issues related to property deeds.

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