GIS (Geographical information systems) / SIG (sisteme informationale geografice )

GIS is an ensemble of software, equipment (hardware) and human resources (qualified staff) put together to collect, interpret and use spatial information. The aim of GIS is to provide a support for decision-making process.

The spatial information is the basis for creating a GIS support. In the databases the spatial information takes the form of a point, a line or a polygon and it is carefully collected on site by classical method or RTK, by photogrammetry or by vectoring raster images.

The text data is also very important and the connection of the two types of data (text and spatial information) represents the key element of a GIS database.

The final data are shown in a map, which can be used by the map’s beneficiary.

Our company can provide you with the following GIS services:

  • Spatial and textual databases / Geodatabase (they can be used for utility networks, general cadastre etc.)
  • Connection of spatial data with the textual data
  • Advisory services in analyzing and interpreting the spatial data
  • Cartodiagrams and cartograms for specific areas of activity (agriculture, environment, biodiversity, geo-politics, urban networks, statistics, sales, etc.)
  • Risk and haphazard maps
  • Touristic maps
  • Environmental impact maps
  • Area development plans
  • 3D representations of relief and objects (constructions)
  • Extraction of vector data from raster data

Should you be interested in any of the services detailed above, please contact us to send you our offer customized to your specific requirements.

Even if you do not find the GIS services you need among the ones described above, please contact us and provide more details on your needs. Thus, together with you, we trust we can find the best technical and financial solution for you.