Our team participated in the execution of the following services:

On-site works:

  • Identification of the sites locations together with the beneficiary’s representative;
  • Execution of the geodetic network for referencing the surveyed data to the projection system STEREO 1970;
  • Topographic surveys with GNSS equipment – approx. 530 ha;
  • Stake-out of the boundary points and planting landmarks;

Office works:

  • Preliminary process of the on-site surveying data in parallel with on-site topographic surveys; thus we could rapidly correct/ clarify the information on the survey plan or collect additional required data;
  • Complete processing of on-site surveying data into the following deliveries:
    • plans:
      • plan cu fisa suprafetelor conform straturilor tematice din planul topografic digital la scara 1:25 000;
      • Area Location Plan of the objective at 1:25 000 scale;
      • Area Location Plan at 1:50 000 scale of the engineering constructions;
      • Location and Boundary Plan at 1:2000 scale (including the information from Ialomita C.L.R.O.);
      • Plans of the hydro technical constructions and works at 1:200 – 1:500 scale;
      • Detailed survey plan of the dam at 1:1000 scale;
      • Survey plan at 1:2000 scale;
      • Support survey plan for preparing the database and its integration in GIS, with topographic-cadastral, technical and exploitation information;
    • topographic study;
    • cadastral documentation for first registration in the Land Book.

Project Management:

  • Analysis of the property deeds made available by Buzau – Ialomita Water Branch and of the information received from Ialomita C.L.R.O. for assessing the existing situation;
  • Provision of technical assistance and advisory services to the main beneficiary for solving the legal issues related to the interpretation of the property deeds;
  • Submission of the cadastral documentations for the first registration with integrated cadastre and land registration system (temporary tabulation), submission of additional information/ documents upon request etc.
  • Actively working C.L.R.O. staff for supporting and speeding up the process of technical approval of the documentations for first registration in the Land Book;

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